Labour law

Main directions

  • Organizational and personnel audit (optimization and restructuration of staff)
  • Development of labor contracts (contracts)
  • Consultation on recruitment and dismissal (staff reductions, etc)
  • Bringing an employee to the responsibility (material and disciplinary)
  • Conclusion and registration of a collective agreement
  • Human Resources management
  • Labor protection
  • Representation of interests in court
  • Drafting responses to requests from the Ministry of Labor, Pension Fund, etc

Labor legislation in Ukraine has long been demanding serious changes, its norms are often practically impossible to fully apply to the current conditions of the labor market. However, there is a commitment to full compliance with the Labor Code, and in order to maintain a balance between the letter of the law and today's employment trends, legal aid in the area of labor law is simply necessary.

IBC Legal Services has been working in the field of labor law for more than 10 years, which allows you to navigate perfectly in all aspects of the work organization, such as working time, working conditions, weekends, holidays, etc.

Companies, turning to us for help, can be sure that procedures such as staff cuts, prosecution, salary changes, redeployment, part-time redeployment, termination of an employment contract, etc., will be conducted in full compliance with the requirements of the law.

Our lawyers will be useful to the employees in case of illegal dismissal, violation of working conditions and payment of wages, and the drafting of labor contracts for managers.

Today, due to the growing responsibility for violations in labor law, issues such as organizational and personnel audit and audit of personnel documents, the development of local (internal) documentation that regulates the labor function of the enterprise, in particular personnel documentation (labor contracts (contracts), internal regulations, staffing table, job instructions, orders, rules of internal labor regulations, etc.).

In addition, we participate directly in conducting inspections and represent the interests of companies and employees in the employment agencies and the Ministry of Labor, represent the interests of the parties in labor disputes.



  • Labor costs cuts, improvement of financial and economic performance of the company
  • Improvement of the quality of functions performed by employees
  • Improvement of internal control processes in the company
  • Qualitative regulation of labor activity at the enterprise
  • Safe staff cuts and dismissal of employees
  • Minimization of unreasonable expenses of the enterprise
  • Minimization of the risk of bringing the company management to responsibility
  • Compensation of the perpetrators of the damages


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