Main directions

  • Representation in courts
  • Enforced execution of the court decisions
  • Representation in courts and arbitration abroad
  • Representation in the international arbitration (including institutional and ad hoc)
  • Representation of the interests in arbitral tribunal
  • Recognition and execution of the foreign court and arbitration decisions
  • Cancellation of the arbitration decisions
  • Mediation
  • Pre-court (claim) argument settlement
  • Preparation and compilation of conciliation agreement

Judicial examination is the main tool for protecting interests in conflict situations. However, successful litigation requires qualified assistance from competent lawyers and attorneys. Lawyers and attorneys of the IBC Legal Services not only have excellent material law, but also many years of experience in conducting court and arbitration proceedings in Ukraine and abroad. Our statistics show that the number of successful cases reaches about 90%.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in commercial, administrative and general courts, in arbitration, in particular the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAC at UCCI), the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

We specialize in litigations concerning: appeals of contracts and their enforced execution, appeals against decisions and actions of state authorities and administrations, tax and customs disputes (in particular, appeals against tax notices and decisions), damages (actual losses, lost profits, moral harm), corporate disputes, consumer disputes, labor disputes, land disputes and disputes related to real estate, disputes in the field of intellectual property.

By assuming the obligation to fully support the court dispute, we guarantee, first of all, qualitative preparation for the process, namely: legal analysis of case materials, study of actual jurisprudence in the relevant category of disputes, development of a legal position in the case, assessment of real prospects and risks, in particular the expediency of settling the dispute peacefully. Our specialists will take on all the worries regarding preparation and submission of a statement of a claim, preparation of documents of procedural nature, preparation of evidence in the case, direct participation in court sessions.

We will help with challenging decisions in appeal and cassation procedures, as well as with enforcement of court and arbitration decisions. Lawyers from IBC Legal Services work independently with public and private executives, monitor the execution process, and, if necessary, challenge the executive's actions.



  • Collection of debts and damages
  • Protection of property rights
  • Protection of business reputation
  • Minimization of the expenses related to the judicial examination
  • Making a considered decision regarding the dispute
  • Cancellation of illegal decisions of state authorities
  • Prevention of unlawful imposing of liability
  • Execution of the court decision


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