Tax law

Main directions

  • Consultation on taxation matters
  • VAT refund or refund of over-paid taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • International agreements on the elimination of double taxation
  • Representation in tax and other supervisory bodies
  • Inspections of tax and other supervisory bodies
  • Appeal against actions and decisions of supervisory bodies
  • Attorney's assistance in economic crimes

Tax practice is the main area of our company's activities. Taxation is one of the most urgent issues for any business without exception. We consider fiscal law the area in which we achieved the highest results due to long-term work with our partners, auditors. In the process of participation in more than 100 administrative and court proceedings, we have helped to save our clients at least UAH 500 million.

The issues regarding legal analysis of contracts in terms of taxation, the development of complex contractual schemes that take into account the tax component, preliminary analysis of different operations for tax consequences and risks – all this is our field of activity.

The IBC Legal Services lawyers will help you to structure your business at a high professional level so that payment for goods and services, dividends payment, royalties and other payments are not burdened with unnecessary taxes and raise no questions from the controlling authorities. We are well versed in both national and international tax planning.

Our specialists will develop a qualitative legal position to protect the interests of the client at the tax service office, in response to the requests of the controlling bodies, during the inspections, in the process of pre-trial (administrative) and judicial appeal of tax notices and decisions. With our help, you will be able to defend the position against the state regarding the correctness of tax payments, in particular on such widespread issues as the right to tax credit and income tax expense, the need to pay personal income tax, the definition of the tax base, etc.

IBC Legal Services will help you to prevent unlawful actions of the controlling authorities and avoid the illegal bringing of the enterprise, as well as its officials (directors, accountants) to economic and legal, administrative, and criminal responsibility. And if such circumstances have already occurred, our attorneys for economic crimes (or so called "tax attorneys", "lawyer for tax crimes") will provide high-quality legal protection in such cases. Lawyer services in tax matters include counseling on criminal law and process, preparation of answers to requests of law enforcement authorities, participation in inspections, interrogations, searches, seizure of documents and items, appeals against illegal decisions and actions of law enforcement bodies (in particular, investigator, prosecutor, judge), participation in court proceedings, preparation of lawyer's requests, etc.

By contacting our tax assistance specialist, you will secure yourself and your business.



  • Smart distribution of tax burden
  • Improvement of the company financial result
  •  Drafting agreements with no tax risks
  • Minimazation of the risks of bringing the company and its officials to responsibility for violation of the fiscal law
  • Coordinated work of the enterprise under inspections and investigations without interrupting working process
  • Protection from criminal prosecution


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