Intellectual property

Main directions

  • Intellectual Property Contracts
  • Patent Attorney Services
  • Registration of Rights to Objects of Intellectual Property Rights (OIP)
  • Tackling counterfeit products, protection against "piracy" and illegal use of OIP
  • Tackling parallel (gray) imports
  • Work with organizations of collective management of intellectual property rights
  • Adding information to the customs register of rights to OIP
  • Support of franchising (commercial concession)
  • Evaluation of rights to OIP
  • Taxation of profit from the transfer of rights to OIP (royalty, lump sums and combined payments)
  • Protection of the interests in court

The trend of proper contractual regulation of intellectual property rights issues, which exists all over the world, is now also relevant for Ukraine. The importance of contracts concluding practice in the field of intellectual property is increasing, and litigations in this category of cases receive more and more qualitative and well-founded decisions. Positive development of legal regulation of intellectual property issues in Ukraine is also confirmed by the decision of the legislation on the creation of a specialized court in relevant cases.

In order to protect intellectual property rights (OIP) as the foundation of any business, IBC Legal Services offers a range of services in this area. First and foremost, we will help with the registration of rights to OIP, both national and international. We arrange measures related to registration in the Customs Register of OIP for protection against counterfeit products and gray imports control.

As part of the OIP rights disposal, our company specialists will draft qualitative contracts for the creation of OIP on request, contracts for the transfer of exclusive property rights to OIP, license agreements. In addition, we will help with the correct alignment of OIP terms in franchising agreements, labor and work contracts.

In addition to the direct drafting of contracts and the maintenance of OIP rights registration procedures, IBC Legal Services lawyers also provide oral and written consultations on OIP related issues, participate in negotiations with contractors, participate in the peaceful settlement of disputes arising in relation to OIP, implement comprehensive measures on pre-trial protection of OIP. In addition, we have considerable experience of working with appeals about criminal offenses, participation in pre-trial investigations and litigation.



  • Fast registration of the rights to OIP
  • Prohibition of illegal use of OIP and compensation for losses
  • Quick and secure revenues from transferring rights to OIP
  • Avoiding the risk of being charged for illegal use of OIP
  • Control of counterfeit goods import


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