legal services, consulting, business support

Comprehensive business support

We carry out complex support of business from the moment of investment and throughout the whole process of its development

Analysis and accounting of financial risks

Analyzing the legal side of the processes, helping to make the right decisions of financial and managerial nature

Partnership and international recognition

We – part of the group, which includes the strongest lawyers, auditors, appraisers, forensic experts, whose qualifications are confirmed by international recognition

About company

IBC Legal Services has been delivering integrated business support for more than 10 years, providing a wide range of law, finance and tax planning services. We excellently navigate through business and investing and use our knowledge for the benefit of the client.

The major principle of our work: we look at the situation and the law through the prism of opportunities, not restrictions.

Our company operates in various business fields, including retail, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, machinery and engineering, information technology, transport and logistics, construction and communications, community and charitable organizations and many others.

The range of issues that our team of professionals is engaged in every day is quite vast. We find unique solutions for the most challenging tasks. IBC Legal Services specialists focus on the details of issues, take into account financial opportunities, as well as business interests, and, of course, focus on the goals set by the client.

The main confirmation of the high quality of our services is the long-standing trust and positive feedback from our clients, including a company with world known names and history, as well as young successful national start-up companies.


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