Acquaintance with the company

IBC Legal Services – is a tried and true quality and a young image.

IBC Legal Services has been doing business as a united team of professionals since 2006. We have run two re-brandings (starting with the name Kompetenz Team, later renamed into HLB Ukraine Legal Services).

Having celebrated our 10th anniversary, at the end of 2016 we decided to create a new brand. It turned out that what we had been looking for so long, in fact, had been with us for a long time.

Those principles that are valuable to each of our clients have long become main corporate principles of the company, regardless of business field, namely: Individual approach - Business ethics - Confidentiality. These three basic rules lay the basis of each meeting with the client, each consultation and each process. They, in combination with the professionalism of our team, guarantee high quality services, allow us to succeed in each individual project again and again.

Today, we, our name, our principles and our goals are united. And this makes us stronger than ever.

Same as before, our company specializes in legal provision of business. We work in the areas which business, regardless of size and market segment, faces every day. Our expertise and specialization allow us to make the right decisions and find the best possible outcomes even in the most extreme situations. There is nothing impossible. We have repeatedly proved that, convincing our clients.

The main principle of the work: we look at the situation and the law through the prism of opportunities, not restrictions.

IBC Legal Services is a long-standing experience of a strong team of professionals: lawyers, attorneys, auditors, accountants, appraisers, experts in law and economics. Extensive specialization and long-term partnerships with experts from different fields and areas allow us to provide comprehensive support to our clients in any difficult situations.

Corporate Principles
Individual approach

We always take into account the specifics of the client's activity in solving each task before us

Business Ethics

We are trying to achieve the best financial results, while adhering to ethical business standards


We guarantee our clients strict observance of confidentiality rules with respect to all information received