Contract Law

Main directions

  • Drafting of contracts and agreements
  • Drafting of agreement schemes
  • Participation in negotiations, alignment of the agreements
  • Pre-court (claim) argument settlement
  • Appeal of agreement in court, pre-agreement disputes
  • Collection of receivables, agreement execution enforcement
  • Legal analysis of the effective agreements and projects
  • Risk identification with the provision of written recommendations

The contract is the basis of any business relations. Qualitatively and competently concluded agreement is a guarantee of positive result of the parties’ cooperation. In the modern world emerges an increasingly clear understanding that the key decisions that determine the future of a particular agreement are taken precisely at the stage of conclusion.

The IBC Legal Services Specialists offer you comprehensive support for the agreement conclusion process, which involves the preparation of individual agreements and agreement schemes that take into account all existing arrangements and peculiarities of the parties' mutual relations. When concluding agreements, we always take into account the tax consequences of this or that agreement and inform the customers about them in advance.

Together with you we will consider the question of the correctness of pricing and accuracy of the contractual agreement of these issues. We will advise on the possibility of providing discounts, bonus payments and other commercial terms of contracts.

The field of our experts’ qualification in the agreement matters is quite significant. We will assist you professionally in concluding such agreements as purchase, sale, delivery, services, contract, lease, commission, agency agreements, commission, transportation, storage, loan and other. At the same time, we are ready to provide qualitative assistance in the development of 


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