Registration Services and M&A

Main directions

  • Registration of companies and separate units
  • Registration of individual entrepreneurs
  • Resignation and forced expulsion from the membership
  • Reorganization, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Re-registration (adding changes to statutory documents and other changes)
  • Joint activity registration
  • Registration of foreign representative offices
  • Registration of community and non-profit organizations
  • Liquidation of legal entities

The opening of any business begins with the registration of the relevant business entity. At the same time, the company's opening is not just the drawing up of standard documents and submitting them to state bodies. Opening a company is the initial negotiations on all the conditions for further business, the moment when the basic principles and rules of partnership are built.

Throughout its history IBC Legal Services worked in this area and our experience can be trusted. IBC Legal Services lawyers specialize in the registration monitoring of such legal entities as: limited liability companies, private companies, subsidiaries, foreign companies, foreign investment companies, community organizations (associations of citizens), creative unions, charitable organizations and other public formations. We also deal with the registration of structural subdivisions (branches and representative offices), individual entrepreneurs, foreign representation offices and other entities.

During opening a business we will help you to correctly choose the organizational and legal form of the company, solve issues related to tax planning, and fully implement the existing business project.

All registration services are provided "on a turn-key basis", with minimal personal participation and load for the client. We independently develop statutory and other documents, registration in state bodies, monitor the opening of bank accounts, provide many other processes by offering the company ready for work.

We will make every effort to ensure that the organizational changes that occur in your company (reorganization, change in the authorized capital, membership, location, director, etc.) have not caused delays in its daily work.

Compliance with competition law is an integral part of this process. We deal with such issues as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), economic concentration, concerted anti-competitive actions, protection against unfair competition, abuses of monopoly provisions, appeals against decisions of the Anti-Monopoly Committee. The specialists of our company will help you to conclude contracts (including dealer, distributor and others) that will not raise questions from the Anti-Monopoly Committee, analyze the advertising materials for their compliance with the law, provide other assistance on competition.

In addition, our specialists will help you to develop the internal documentation of the enterprise (estimates, staffing, personnel documentation, orders, power of attorney, etc.).

In case of business closure, we organize the liquidation process quickly and qualitatively, with minimal participation of the owners.



  • Prompt registration of enterprises, subsidiaries or representative offices "on a turn-key basis"
  • Preparation of quality constituent documents guaranteeing the interests of business owners
  • Legally competent business reorganization
  • Prompt liquidation of the enterprise with minimal participation of the owners


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