Investing and real estate

Main directions

  • Establishment of enterprises with foreign investments
  • Purchasing of the active business (in particular corporate rights)
  • Investment accounts and foreign currency operations
  • Legal auditing (due diligence) of the investment objects (in particular of acting business, real estate)
  • Investment and joint activities
  • Purchasing real estate and land
  • Investment evaluation
  • Reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Purchasing of integral property complex

The most common forms of investment nowadays are investment in business and real estate. Both directions require significant financial investments and are associated with a lot of risks. Permanent support of competent lawyers is a guarantee to gain benefit from the contributed investments.

The range of services offered by IBC Legal Services in the field of investment is quite extensive, and provides everything from investing advice to monitoring the actual investment placement. We will help with questions of tax planning in the investment, we will make quality investment contracts in different forms and we will provide support for the conclusion of the agreement.

In order to protect the investor's interests and ensure compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, IBC Legal Services will ensure due diligence (legal audit) of the investment object, which allows determining the "legal purity" of the investment object and the level of its investment attractiveness.

We offer a very wide range of services in the field of property regulation. Our lawyers will be able to resolve all issues, from acquisition of land, joint activities, construction and finishing with real estate. We monitor agreements on purchase, sale, donation, investment, pledge, mortgage, as well as transfer of other rights to real estate (rent, servitude, superficiencies, emphyteusis, business administration, operational management, etc.).

In case of investing in an active business (acquisition of integral property complex, corporate rights, reorganization), we ensure obtaining Anti-Monopoly Committee permits for concentration, full monitoring of the process of entering into an agreement or reorganization (in particular, joining, separation, transformation, division), registration of changes in state bodies.

In addition, our specialists will help to protect the existing business from unlawful third-party attacks, prevent possible raider attacks and protect the interests of legitimate owners of the company.

IBC Legal Services lawyers will assist you in obtaining income from investment activities, and in case of its termination, in safe withdrawal of previously placed investments.



  • Complete investment object competence
  • Evaluation of investment appeal of the object
  • Safe investment placement
  • Guaranteed withdrawal of the profit and income from the investment activity
  • Protection of the interests during the purchasing of an active business
  • Guaranteed withdrawal of the investment in kind or in cash
  • Minimization of the risk of illegal (raider) seizure of the business




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